Friday, October 3, 2014

On the verge of purge....

Anyone else doing the A Bowl Full of Lemons 31 day purge challenge?  We live in a fairly small house, with six people and purging has become an ongoing necessity.  So when the ABFoL blog announced they were going to do a 31 day challenge I was very excited.  I have to say it is going swimmingly so far, lol.  Day one was the pantry.... done! Day two was magazines....done!  Day three, today, was dresser drawers... again, done!!  Now before you start to think, "wow, she's very productive". I have to say, these things were already purged.  With limited space, a natural need to be able to find everything in my pantry and no magazine subscriptions it was quite easy to do these first three days.  I am excited to see what other areas come though as I am 100% positive that there will be areas that need to be purged and organized.  I can't wait... no seriously.  Although I have to say I won't mind if there comes a long a few more days in the month that will require no effort from me.... :)  Where's your biggest purge/organizational trouble spot?  I would have to say mine is PAPERWORK!  Ugh!  With three kids in school of some variety and church activities the sheer amount of art and papers that enters my house makes the trees outside our windows cringe, I'm sure!  So I guess you could say I am on the verge of purge.  Can't wait to make the leap!

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