Monday, August 6, 2012

Soccer Camp!!

As my children are getting older it is so fun to watch them develop interests and to succeed in different areas of their lives.  It is also fun to see what traits or attributes they may have received from me/my side of the family or from Derek/his side of the family.  Audrey has always been pretty coordinated and athletic.  She's been wanting and waiting to participate in soccer.  We have decided for now that it doesn't fit into our lives but she was able to participate in a week long soccer camp this month that she LOVED!  Upward is a soccer camp that has a Christian vibe to it.  They have a 20 minute devotional in the middle of the three hour camp each day.  So she had four days of training and the last day was a tournament in which all the parents came to watch and then we had a BBQ, because that's what baptists do :).  Audrey's team was really young and mostly new players.  They only played two games and only scored twice TOTAL.. but they had a blast. And if you had heard the parents during the first goal you would have been certain they had just won the soccer...thing... whatever the soccer version of the Superbowl is :)  

Walking out onto the fields... they were team Germany

Hot day for us Washingtonians (in the 90s) and Audrey decided that when she was going to sit on the bench, she would do it by laying down in the shade of their team flag! :) 

Audrey and her friend, Rachel, with their new shirts and soccer balls from camp!

Rehydrating! :) 

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