Thursday, August 9, 2012


August is here and whew!  We had a wonderful July.  My grandmother visited from Illinois after almost a two year break and that was a great two weeks.  We had Vacation Bible School, Mainly Music camp and Soccer camp.  We had trips to the beach and parks and time with friends and family.  Now that August is here we're going to try and slow it down a bit.  I am headed out of town for a family girls' weekend this weekend and I could not be more excited.  We're going to a wonderful old historic hotel in Spokane, WA.  We're celebrating Derek's grandma turning 80!  It should be a great time!  We are also headed to Long Beach, WA at the end of the month for our newest family tradition of the Kite Festival.  The girls are very excited and I'm so glad that we still get to go.  With Derek laid off for almost 6 months this winter we didn't think that this trip was going to happen this year.  However, between those two trips I would like to  try and keep things low key before September comes and everything gets hectic again.  This really is a challenge for me as I tend to keep busy busy.  This year is easier though because we do have a back yard and so enjoying nice weather doesn't force us to leave.  That has been such a relief this spring/summer.  So in an effort to slow down for the month here are some pictures of my darlings :)

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