Monday, September 3, 2012

Holy Crap It's SEPTEMBER!!!

Yes, that's what I said on August 31st when I realized that Audrey started school in 6 days and Brianna in 12 days and we hadn't gotten school supplies or gone school clothes shopping!  Plus Clara's birthday is right in between those two things, doh!  In my attempt to keep August low-key it slipped by without getting those things done.  UGH!  So we headed to the Super Mall today (on Labor Day) to buy school clothes.  Luckily Derek had that day off and could come with us.  We didn't do school clothes shopping when I was a kid.  My mom just bought us things when we needed them.  One of the perks of a divorced kid's life though is that my dad would do it on the summers that I went and visited him.  I loved having something new and special to wear to school.  Waiting and dreaming of wearing the pretty hot pink shirt with the sequins was almost better then when the day came that you actually got to wear it!  Then there's my husband's family who did school clothes shopping every year until they graduated high school.  So we decided it was something we would do as well.  It was a bit difficult this year.  Buying clothes for Audrey is easy.  We find good deals and are comforted by the knowledge that most likely the item will be worn by three different girls.  Well this was Brianna's first year of school (headed to Preschool this year) and we wanted her to have something new too.  The only problem was that with hand me downs from Audrey, gifts, and hand me downs from friends Brianna has enough clothes for twins... possibly triplets.  So we didn't get her as much but she is so sweet and grateful and content that she was happy with the few things she did get.  Plus, I pulled out the 4T bin and she felt like all those clothes were new since they were new to her.  Clara was along for the ride and got a couple of shirts because she needed them.  The tough (but nice) thing about having three girls.  Luckily they are pretty grateful kids!  Can't wait until the first day of school for each of them and they are both in the process of deciding which lucky clothes will get to be their "first day of school" clothes :)  Pictures will come!

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