Monday, July 9, 2012

Traditions - Strawberry picking

I have always wanted to be a family that was big on traditions.  To the point that my children wouldn't even have to ask "if" we were going to do something in a certain season but "when" we were going to do it.  It is something that I feel passionate about and I'm not sure why but my husband graciously let's me do what I want in the way of traditions and follows me no matter what the path my look like.  One of the traditions we started about four years ago was strawberry picking shortly after fourth of July.  We have a certain farm that we like to go to in Sequim called Graysmarsh Farm.  We go and the girls get to pick berries right along with me.  Then we go home and make jam and homemade strawberry shortcake.  I love that the girls are getting old enough to look forward to this and every year we invite along as many friends and family members as we can.  This year we had a decent sized group, beautiful weather and lots of fun! :)

The Berry Truck!

Auntie Beans helping Clara know which berries to pick.

Clara did not appreciate me interrupting her dirt playing time to take a picture.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Waiting for Summer...

Here in Washington sometimes we complain (by "we" I mean the western part of the state) about the weather. We tend to really have to wait for summer, especially the last few years.  And yet every year when it shows up AFTER fourth of July we always comment on how it doesn't show up before then anyway.  We're funny like that. We'll the waiting is over (I hope)!  Summer is here and we're ready to soak up the vitamin D.  We have family visits planned, VBS, Soccer camp, music class and time at the beach.  Plus lots of time to just be at home and enjoy our first summer with a backyard, and an awesome one it is!
Father's Day 2012 - Clara was being a stinker

Since school got out the girls had their recital.  Brianna's class danced to "Oh Mickey, you're so fine".  It was adorable!  They did a great job.  Audrey's class danced to "See the Light" from Tangled.  It was awesome to see Audrey perform and the more complicated choreography.  She did beautifully as well.  As usual grandmas and papas were there to cheer our ballerinas on and they enjoyed the show more than we did I think.  I am very proud of my girls and how hard they work for their recital every year.  We're taking the summer off of dancing to have a freer schedule.  We will be doing it again in the fall though.
Audrey & Brianna backstage
Derek & Clara waiting for the show to start.
Fourth of July celebrations were great.  We spent the third of July with friends.  We BBQ'd and enjoyed each other.  We've really developed a wonderful tradition with friends and all of our kids.  The girls are so excited to be with their friends no matter the reason and now that they're getting older it's getting easier to hang out while they play with less supervision then previous years.   We headed over to a friend's parent's house to watch the local fireworks (yes, they're on the third).  They have a house on a hill where you can watch the fireworks without the traffic or all day waiting (with three kids, yeah right!) you can do if you want to be at the waterfront when they go off.  Fourth of July we spent at a different friend's house enjoying yet another BBQ, friends and fireworks.  We made it an early night due to the late night the night before and Derek working the next day.  Can't wait for more summer fun!!!

Eating yummy BBQ