Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We made it!!

School got out for the summer today, yay!  We made it.  Audrey did so well in school this year.      Seeing the growth she made in so many ways this year has been amazing.  She has grown in knowledge as well as in friendships.  I have loved watching her bloom this year.  It's also refreshing how much she loves her teacher and loves going to school.  I think (overall) she is going to be an easy kid when it comes to school.  She is sad that school is over and really wishes that her teacher could be her teacher for the rest of her school career.  :)  She will do so well in first-grade and she is anxious to get started.  :)  A new chapter of our lives started when she started public school and it is one that has made me realize how fast they are growing.  Brianna starts preschool in the fall and this time next year ( so after I finish this post and blink twice) she'll be getting ready to start kindergarten.  Hopefully she will get Mrs. B too and will have the same fabulous experience that Audrey has this year.  Next up.... RECITAL TIME!  We will be crazy busy for the next few days preparing for the annual ballet recital.  Dress rehearsal is tomorrow... pictures will follow, I promise. :)

Audrey & Mrs. B. on the first day of school:

Audrey & Mrs. B on the last day of school:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A fresh start...

I would like to start blogging again regularly.  I am going to pretend that I haven't done only TWO blog posts since 2012 started.  I am also going to pretend that I didn't promise to blog more in both... *sigh*.  It's been a busy busy school year but I plan to relish the summer ahead ... T minus 6 days (but who's counting?).  I am enjoying the girls so much these days (well at least 80% of the time) and would like to make sure I write some if it down so that I can look back and remember it all.  It's so fun to look back at posts from when I first started four years ago and just see how much the girls (and the family in general) have grown.  So here's to a fresh start!  If you read this, leave me a comment and let me know something fun you did in the summer growing up... it'll give me ideas :)