Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break

So I am well aware that over a month ago I swore I was going to blog more but I actually am now.... really!  Don't believe me?  I don't blame you!  I don't really believe me either.  The funny thing is that it isn't like I don't have anything to blog about.  I think of blog posts and have them mostly written... in my head.  I write them while showering, driving, making dinner... etc.  And let me tell you, they're brilliant!  However, I either end up with no time to sit and write OR I forget what I was going to write by the time I sit down to do it.  *sigh*  Well I am going to try and keep this up.  If you actually read this, let me know.  That will encourage me to keep going.  I mean my life isn't that busy!  I just have church, working out, swim lessons for the girls, ballet lessons for the girls, bible study, AWANA for the girls (where I work in B's class), Mainly Music class for the girls (where I run the music), plus small group at church and the various meetings that Derek and I attend for our roles we serve in at church.... whew

sorry, got tired from all that and took a break to get coffee :)

 So the point being, we're a tad busy.  Okay, so to recap... Audrey is now 6.  She is in full-day kindergarten and is doing beautifully!!!  :)  We are very proud of her and she LOVES school.  Brianna is going to be four this month! :-O She is super sweet and nurturing.  She loves her family and friends and loves to show it.  She is super sensitive and imaginative.  I am excited to see her grow as she is getting older and exploring more things.  She is also a bit of diva which she has proudly passed along to her younger sister.  Clara is 19 months old (on the 9th of this month) and is a diva through and through.  She loves accessories and shoes!  She loves her clothes and even wants to help pick them out already.  She is a performer for sure.  She loves the spotlight and if she knows it'll make you laugh she will goof off even more.  I am really enjoying the girls ages and how fun and different they all are... even when they're fighting.... okay, that's a lie.  I want to duct tape them to each other and shove them in a closet at that point but I do love them still.  :D

Derek is still unemployed :/ but we're persevering (sounds better than frustrated and bummed)...  Making the most of it by spending lots of time at the YMCA and getting in a much as we can (without spending money).  I have planted a vegetable garden and am enjoying having a yard and getting it ready for spring and summer.  So thankful that we moved when we did and will have a yard to enjoy during the beautiful weather this spring and summer.  I have been busy with lots of hat orders over the winter and have been pleased with lots of new styles that I have made.  I even started an Etsy shop!  Check it out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mamaofthreegirls

Well that's the update.  Here's my goal, feel free to keep my accountable, to post 3 times a week at least... we shall see :)
Thanks for reading!!!