Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twinkle toes....

Is it wrong to live vicariously through your children? Is it silly to strive so hard to have them do the things you wanted to but didn't? I LOVE the ballet. I wanted to be a ballerina so bad I would lay in bed and picture myself in beautiful ballet slippers with whisper pink satin ribbons that wrapped up my ankles and huge starched tutus that bounced as I pranced and twirled across the stage. I wanted to be lithe and graceful and dainty. I never took ballet, in fact, I'm not sure another living being ever knew about my secret desire... alas, it was not meant to be.

Sometimes, as a mother of a girl (well, three to be exact) I feel like I am getting a second chance. Not for me, but to let my daughter(s) do all the things I really wanted to do but didn't get to or didn't even voice, for whatever reason. I am very careful not to force them do to anything that they don't enjoy but I make sure that I offer them a wide variety of options for activities so that they know they can pursue whatever they'd like to. I was so tickled that both Audrey and Brianna wanted to participate in ballet. I researched and called around and found the school of dance that would best fit all of our needs. Audrey has now completed two years of pre-dance and is moving up to Ballet 1 in the fall. Brianna has completed her first year of pre-dance and couldn't have enjoyed it more if she tried :)

This year my "big girls" were in the same ballet class and therefore got to perform together at the end of the year recital.

They were patient as I curled their hair in rag curls the night before and as I spent twenty minutes untying endless knots and spraying their tendrils like they needed to stay in forever!!
The end result was worth it though:

Wonderfully curly-riffic (currently Audrey's favorite thing to add to the end of words -rrific)

Audrey was the epitome of poise and grace. Brianna, well she smiled a lot. :) She did really well for her first time on stage. She was a little star struck by the audience and didn't do quite as well as she was doing in class. However, she had a great smile and she wasn't afraid at all. I was a proud proud mama.

Flowers from mommy and daddy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dumping ground...

There are many unanswerable questions in life.... Why do good things happen to "bad" people? (you read that right), how many different colors are there? Crayola says 64..... Why can't we all just get along? Why is it that some people prefer blue, while others want shocking pink? Etc.

Life has recently revealed to me a personal unanswerable question....
I have found that no matter where I live or what type of dwelling I live in (apartment, duplex, house) there is always one spot in my house that becomes the dumping ground!! When Derek and I first got married and were both in school full-time and working it was our dining room table because we were rarely sitting at it anyway. Our mail, bags, coats, etc... they were always landing on our dining room table. Then we graduated college and moved out of our tiny 650 square foot apartment into our first two bedroom apartment. There the dumping ground was a section of counter right inside the front door..... and it goes on. Currently is is my desk. While I have been great lately about keeping things picked up and put where they belong my desk can go from orderly and spacious to crowded and messy in one afternoon. Why, oh why, does everything get dumped on the desk? What is it about the desk that beckons to all the things that need to be put away and yet aren't? Is it really that much easier to walk over and set things on the desk then it is to just put them where they actually go? I wonder if there is an answer to this question.... hmmmm... maybe I will have to ponder this some more.....
Do you have a dumping ground in your home? Or is this just something that plagues my particular section of the universe? Anyone found an antidote to the dumping ground syndrome... well, you know, other than standing at the desk and snapping at anyone who dares to set anything down ON the desk. :) That would go over real well at my house :) Maybe one day I'll figure out a solution.... when I do, I'll let you know ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've lost it....

The dictionary describes motivation as the process that arouses, sustains and regulates human behavior. It's the thing that makes us work hard at something even though we may not want to. Like, cleaning house, working out, eating right, paying bills, etc. I look at it is the driving factor in doing something I don't particularly like because I do like the outcome.

Well, I've lost my motivation for eating below my calorie goal....

In January Derek and I decided that we wanted to lose weight and that we were going to do it together. We did fabulous. He lost 22 pounds and I lost 18. Then he went back to work the beginning of April and I've lost all motivation. I keep going up and down the same four pounds and it's IRRITATING! It seems like just as I am on a good roll again something comes up, like Memorial day weekend and all the BBQ's and food that went along with that. SO frustrating. I don't know how to recapture the self-control that I had. Any suggestions? What do you do when you need extra motivation for something? Hmmmm.....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oy vey ... and a CHALLENGE!

So it's June! I have been seriously remiss in keeping up on my blog. Normally I would do my darnedest to go back and catch up on everything that has happened since I last blogged in an effort to make it look like I haven't gone as long as I have between postings. But I don't have the energy or the time. Every time I sit down to do it I am so overwhelmed by all that would have to be done that I just don't do it and as a result it has been over two and a half months since I last posted. All I have to say is UNACCEPTABLE! I have NO idea if anyone reads this anyway (a comment to let me know if you do would be great motivation to post more regularly). However, I don't do this for others only... it's mainly for me. So instead of trying to catch up on everything that's happened since the end of March, I am just going to pick up here and resolve to do a lot better. My challenge to myself this month is to blog at least 15 times...we'll see how I do!! :)