Sunday, May 16, 2010

J-O-B, Job... ugh

So our job situation is a constant fluctuation right now. On April 15th I was hired by the Census Bureau to be an Enumerator... basically going door-to-door to fill out census questionnaires that we had not received yet. Not my ideal job but something that paid decently while we were waiting for Derek to get back to work. Well, it required A LOT of training (almost 30 hours) and then I would be released into the wild... well, into the "field". The training was mind-numbing and made it obvious that you didn't have to be a genius to work for the Census... ugh. I made it through and got to go out into the field .... for two weeks.

This week we were fortunate to find out that Derek got a job, YAY! His number finally reached the top of the union list and he starts on Monday (5/17) AND it's local (Bremerton). My happiness balloon was filled to bursting becoming a gigantic hot air balloon and I felt the weight of the last 6+months being lifted by that magical balloon. And I thanked God profusely.

Then we found out it was going to be swing shift... not terrible but not ideal. My happiness balloon deflated a little bit at this point and turned into a few helium balloons, but it's a job, right? But that does mean bye-bye Census job, oh well (sense how devastated I am by this).

Then on Thursday we found out that it is only going to last a month... ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was SO disappointing because he has been unemployed for seven months almost and we FINALLY get a job and (after 4+ years in the union) FINALLY get one that isn't a long commute and it is a short call. So frustrating. *POP* There goes my balloon. :(

Trying to be positive I try and refill my gigantic hot air balloon that I had a few days ago, #1 -he will have a job for a month. That will help us catch up financially and not start out behind when he gets laid off again. #2 - it is local so we won't be spending a ton of money on gas or tolls while he is working. #3-it is a short enough job that he will go back to the top of the list when he is done with this one. My balloon is now one of those little ones on a stick that you see at the grocery store that I don't think anyone ever buys. At least there is some lift, right? *sigh*

Now the prayers have to start afresh because we have no idea, obviously, where he will be when he does get a "permanent" spot and we don't know how long that will be. Just been a long year for us and it is hard not to get discouraged some times. We thought this was the perfect assignment and then we find out it is only a month... I almost cried out of sheer disappointment. I know God has a plan and that he will work it all out but I HATE waiting some times, especially when I feel like we've been waiting for so long already. Oh well..........................................

Brianna's second birthday party

On April 17th we had Brianna second birthday party at our house. Since we hit the 6-month mark of unemployment that week also we just had a family and friend's get-together. Lots of people came and everyone enjoyed the Elmo cake I made. Here is Brianna's Two Year Old Elmo party.... in pictures:
Elmo cake I made

Blowing out her candles

Not sure why she was so serious here but she loved her cake that's for sure.

Extra cake in case the Elmo one wasn't big enough for all... good thing I had it.

Opening presents...

A B-day bag for our "B"

Brianna turns TWO! (a little late)

On April 21, 2008 our precious baby "B" came into our lives. She barely cried as she shot out and was content to just lay and look at me as we wiped her down. They actually encouraged me to make her mad so she would cry and get all the gunk out of her system.
She was a good baby. Slept 3-4 hour stretches almost immediately, only cried when she needed something, didn't have acid reflux like Audrey did and was overall content. I couldn't have asked for an easier time with a second child. She was a happy baby too... loved to smile and just be.

Now it has been two years and I can hardly believe it. From 7 pounds 11 ounces to 24 pounds 14 ounces. From 19.9 inches long to 34.5 inches tall. From helpless baby to toddler who walks, talks, learns and amazes us each and every day. She is such a big girl and I feel like it happened too fast. I lost my baby too fast. She is super smart. I know every parent says that but it is true in this case. She has an amazing vocabulary for a two year old and speaks in 7+ word sentences most of the time. She has been playing pretend since December and even plays interactively with Audrey quite a bit.
The problem with her being so smart is that she doesn't realize why she can't do everything that Audrey can. She doesn't understand that she has to be only two and constantly tells us that she is three. She wants to do everything that big girls do and doesn't in any way see herself as a little girl. This is a constant source of frustration for her. While I feel bad for her and want her to do all that she wants... part of me is crying out, Don't rush it, why be big, be my little B for longer. Unfortunately she will have none of that. *sigh* At least she loves to give me hugs and kisses and tell me that she "luva, luva, luva too" when I say I love you.

I love you, "B"-girl, and I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for you.