Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tent Frustration

Back before we knew we were moving I really wanted to get the girls a playtent. A friend of Audrey's has one that just pops up and is quite large - three preschoolers can fit in it with some toys. Unfortunately at the old house we just didn't have room for one. So when we found out we were moving I said that was one of the things that I wanted to get the girls for Christmas. Well between Derek losing his job and the other things we wanted to get the girls, it got passed over. Then my sister asked us what the girls wanted for Christmas and we told her. So she very generously got this for the girls:

Unfortunately it required assembly (so not a pop-up) and it was not as large as it looks. The girls could both fit in but the way they moved around made it fall over (no bottom to the tent). So we decided to take it back and with the girls Christmas money upgrade to a larger pop-up style tent. So we went to Target and found this Dora tent:

It was much larger and had a floor to it. However, it required A LOT of assembly and within 24 hours one of the poles inside bent. We were very displeased with this. So we took it back. So we decided to look around at other stores. We checked out Wal-mart, Ross, TJ Maxx, and various places online. We finally found one that we liked online at but it was out of the price range for the girls at $40+shipping as it is only on the website. With Derek not working we decided it was going to have to wait.

So we were at Target last night just walking around and we walked back to the seasonal section. There was a play tent, teepee style, in with the gardening stuff for kids. I scoured the box for anything that said "assembly required" and I also looked to see how many pieces there were. After finding nothing alluding to assembly and seeing it say not only, "folds for easy storage" but also, "2 pc set that includes tent and storage bag". I was stoked. It was only $25 and it seemed to have everything we wanted in a play tent.
This is the tent:

This is the box (says the same thing on all sides):

I mean if it needed to be assembled there would be more than two pieces, right? And if there were tent poles it would also make sense that there would be more than two pieces, right? WRONG!!! Not only does it need to be assembled but it has EIGHT poles. Ugh. I do have to say that it is the easiest to assemble so far but it is still not what we wanted and I am SO frustrated. Plus, I went ahead and told the girls we bought it because I was so sure it was a pop-up tent. So now I am not sure what we are going to do about it but I am irritated. Okay, that's the end of my rant! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally ready....

Well we are finally ready to announce some good news that is going on in our family. We are pregnant again!! We found out on January 8 and I am due on September 18, 2010. We are very excited. So far this first trimester has been rougher on me than the other two. I have been more tired and had a harder time with the morning sickness as well. I have lost about four pounds and my appetite completely. :/ I am now about 10.5 weeks though and should be on my way to feeling better real quick here. My first appointment was a couple of weeks ago and we were able to get an ultrasound and see the little heartbeat a-flickering away. Luckily the union has it's up sides too :) We still have health insurance and have plenty of coverage until Derek gets back to work... which will hopefully be by May, possibly June. So expect lots of new coverage about our final addition now that the information is public :)

Our little bean at 8 weeks 3 days :)


We were able to go on our first zoo trip of the new year! With the exception of Zoolights we haven't been to the zoo since last August right before our membership expired. Well thanks to a wonderful Christmas present we have a membership again and were blessed with GORGEOUS weather in February. So last Friday we headed to the zoo with Derek's sister, Nicole, and her two boys. The kids had a blast and were exhausted by the time we left. It was also exciting to see some of the new things that they are putting in there. There is going to be a brand new exhibit for the Red Wolves that is opening in the Spring of this year! There is also going to be a brand new exhibit/animal in 2011 - the Clouded Leopard. We love to see new things going in. In a couple of weeks, pending weather of course, we are going to go back and let Audrey participate in Critter Club. She is going to learn about Harbor Seals and do a craft. Then they will head down to the exhibit for an animal talk. She wants to work at the zoo someday so she LOVES being there. Here's what we did:

The peacock greeted us right as we walked through the gate

Brianna climbing through the tunnel in the kid's play area

Our nephew, Doc, feeding the goats... Audrey and Brianna doing the same in the background

The aquarium, Brianna's favorite part.

Sea anemone tank

Jellyfish - "I will call him squishy and he will be mine and he will be my squishy."

Jaia the female tiger

Java the male tiger

Audrey and Doc running down the hill at lunch time.

One of the walrus

Polar bear- through the messiest window EVER

Arctic fox... Audrey loved this because we came this summer when the foxes where brown and they told us how their coats turned white in the winter and she got to see that. She was SO fascinated by them.

Looking for the reindeer

There they are

Brianna looking at the reindeer exhibit

The Muskox

Brianna mooed at the Muskox and wouldn't be convinced that it wasn't a cow.


So, as I said in the post below, as a way of catching up here is what Audrey has been up to.

Audrey is pretty much the same as she was when I posted about her last month. She is keeping busy with AWANA and ballet class. She loves to play pretend with her sister and is really getting into coloring and drawing more. I think now that she has accepted her "left-handedness" she is enjoying crafts and drawing/coloring more. We are still working on writing but she is making progress there too. She currently thinks that boys are "disgusting" and it is something that we hope sticks. :) She is getting more proficient at her bike and anytime there is a glimmer of sun she asks to go out and ride. She is getting more and more independent and needs me for very little these days, *sniff sniff*. She is a really big helper though and that is ALWAYS a bonus.

Here are some pictures of our big girl:

Riding bikes at the local elementary (Feb. 6):

Battle Point Park (Feb. 17):

Poulsbo Waterfront (Feb. 18):

My Brianna, "B"

So I haven't blogged in a while and in a new way of "catching up", so to speak, I decided to update on my kids. Starting with Brianna.

Brianna is now 22 months old. While we can't believe that she is almost two years old, she can't believe that she is only going on two and not, say, five. She ADORES her big sister and wants to do everything that Audrey does, which blesses Audrey's heart to no end. (sense the sarcasm?) That being said she is no wilting violet. If Audrey does something that doesn't please her she makes it well known. She can actually get quite physical with Audrey and that seems to be the only person that she does that with. She talks SO much. She speaks in sentences now and has gotten up to six word sentences a few times. She blows our mind with that. I think this does contribute to her thinking that she is older than she is. She does not like to be left behind or told she can't do what Audrey is doing. She can count to 10, although she likes to leave out a number now and then. She is still our peanut. She is 32" tall and weighs in just under 24 pounds. She is about 25th percentile overall.

Here are a few pics of our "B":

At the Bainbridge Island Kids Museum (Feb. 4):

Riding bikes at the local elementary school (Feb. 6):

Playing at Battle Point Park (Feb. 17):

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The view yesterday evening from Kitsap Memorial Park: