Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Playing at the mall

All set for ballet

Showing off her outfit, complete with new ballet slippers

Showing us how a ballerina twirls

She danced until she fell down and then informed us that this is how ballerinas sit... :)

Eating a Chocolate Donut from Sluy's - The Brianna Way

"What? I have something on my face?"

"Just Kidding, I know there is chocolate all over my face, and hands, and clothes...."


What other logical solution is there when your hands are covered in chocolate but to play peek-a-boo

Yes that is chocolate on the wall behind her.

Cheese... I mean chocolate :)

The final product

Can't figure it out

I cannot seem to keep up with my blog and I am not sure why... ugh. So here is an update on all of us:

Derek - working 10 hour days and commuting 3 hours a day four times a week... long days. Fridays Derek is in school for the first half of his last "year" of training for his apprenticeship program. He is doing really well and studying hard so that he can pass his licensing exam next June.

Audrey - busy busy busy girl. She has swim class twice a week, AWANA on Wednesday nights and is starting ballet this Saturday. She is growing up so fast and often cracks us up with the things she says. She is turning into such a big girl. Right now we are working on learning to write. It is looking like she might end up left handed and that has presented some roadblocks in learning to hold the pencil correctly for writing. She loves to play dress-up and barbies and princesses. She also loves to fight with her sister *sigh*. She had a mild UTI earlier this month but that has cleared up and we are back on track. She is quickly sailing towards four and already planning her birthday party and putting oodles and oodles of toys on her birthday list.

Brianna - she is now 17 months old and literally growing up SO fast. She is talking so much and has a vocabulary of about 25-30 words now. She can say "Oh Toodles" (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), she knows what the elephant says, grandma, cookie, hello, night-night, amen, teeth.... I am sure there are more. She mimics everything and does a good job of it too. She is running now and still climbing, although not too badly anymore. She has started tugging at her diaper so we are thinking it is time to pull the little potty out and get her used to the idea of potty training within the next year. She still wishes she could do everything her big sister does and fights with her all the time. She is no wilting violet and will fight dirty if she feels the need. She is so funny and makes such faces sometimes. She loves the baths and her stuffed animals. She is a fun kid.

Me - busy busy and always behind. That's about it. I am just trying to keep up with the kids, the house and the schedule... and I am always behind. Oh well, I will have plenty of time to catch up when they move out :)

Wordless Wednesday

Brianna's first "big girl" ponytail :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

The last vesitges of summer...

Here are the girls enjoying the late summer days ... never know how long the nice weather will last.

Enjoying some lunch

Eva pushing Audrey on the swings

Audrey pushing Brianna

Brianna LOVES the swings

Audrey & Eva making new friends

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In August we went to the Kitsap County Fair. We got discounted tickets and ride armbands, so Audrey and Derek got to go on all the kids rides. Audrey had a blast and Derek enjoyed spending that time with her. We looked at TONS of animals since both of the girls love animals so much and even got to pet a few. Brianna especially enjoyed the dog barn and Audrey loved them all. We ate some great (fatty) fair food and enjoyed walking around and spending time together.

We also went (minus Derek) to the Puyallup Fair on the 15th of September for a few hours with some friends. We walked around a lot, ate some more good fair food and the big girls got to ride the carousel. I didn't take many pictures but here is one of them on the carousel.


I cannot believe how long it has been since I last blogged. Not much has been going on really and I am going to blame that for the reason that I haven't been on in a while.... not sure if it's true but let's say that it is. The girls are continuing to grow and amaze me daily. Brianna has increased the size of her vocabulary to include: moo, cracker, I stink (no kidding), Audrey, Nana, Papa, she calls me Mama now instead of just saying Mama for fun, dog, and I am sure there are more but that's all I can remember right now. Audrey is being a three year old. We have had a rough few weeks but I am hoping that it is still adjusting to Derek going back to work and working long hours as he has started working overtime again. She is getting ready to start AWANA tomorrow night at church, she is going to be starting up swim lessons again next week and in October she is going to start dance (I know, I am crazy). She is so big :*( and I can't believe how time is flying but she is a smart kid and so funny!

Derek is back to working 10 hour days but only four days a week because he has started his FINAL year of training. He has this quarter and then a quarter in the spring and he will be all done with school and can turn out as a Journeyman next summer. This is very exciting and feels like we are seeing the end of a long tunnel that we have been in for the last four years. It is nice to be nearing the end.

The only other news is that we bought a new car, well new to us. Derek's 20 year Toyota has more wrong with it than it would be worth to fix so we decided to bite the bullet and get another vehicle. We were hoping to wait until next year to do that but since Derek drives 150 miles each day for work we needed something reliable. We ended up getting a KIA Sorento, black, and it is my car and Derek gets the Suzuki that I have been driving since we got the Toyota. They are both 2006's so we both have fairly new cars now. Hopefully they will hold up for a long time and we can wait on getting anymore vehicles for a few years. That's about it... gonna post pictures from our recent fair trips next, stay tuned :)