Friday, August 14, 2009


Aww to be a little girl again :)


So Derek is officially back to work. On August 7th, one week after my surgery and the day I could start lifting Bri again, he got a call saying that there was a job about 75 miles north of us that he was third in line for because of the location. If the other two people passed on it he would have a job (even though he was still number 80 on the union list). About 15 minutes later we got the call that he had the job!!!! We are so grateful and feel extremely lucky. He started this past Monday, the 10th, and the job should go through January and we are hoping by that by that time the economy will be better and there won't be any wait time, or at least a lot less wait time. But I have decided not to think about that for now. :)


On Wednesday the 29th of July I went to the doctor for a consultation on a cyst that I have on my left ovary that has been there for a few years. It is a dermoid cyst and not cancerous so we have just been watching it for the last four years (since we found out about it). The only reason I was even considering having it out is because when I was pregnant with Brianna she ended up sitting on top of it and causing me a lot of pain. That was one of the main reasons I was induced with her. So since Derek was laid off and home we decided now would be a good time because he could help me. So I went in and she informed me she had an opening in less than 48 hours. I took it because then I didn't have a lot of time to think about it. So Friday morning, July 31st, my cyst was removed. It was about the size of a grapefruit.... I have pictures (EW). The surgery was laparascopic so there were two tiny (about 1/4 of an inch) incisions, one in my belly button and one on the side, and one longer incision (about 2 inches). The surgery went well but I DID NOT like the anesthesia! I threw up three times that day and was really really sore for the first three days. After that it steadily improved. Here I sit, two weeks later and I feel completely normal. The area where the longer incision was feels like it is a little bruised but I almost never notice it. So the cyst is gone and I no longer have to worry about checking up on it. The bonus is that they didn't think there was any ovary left but couldn't tell for sure from the ultrasounds. But it turns out that there is and it is working, it is just smaller than my right one. YAY!

Scenic Beach - another cool down

One of my favorite places around where we live is Scenic Beach State Park. It is about 25 minutes away but it is beautiful and about 15-20 degrees cooler then in town. So on July 30, we headed out there with Delayna + kids and Melissa + kids. We played and had lunch and spent some time on the beach. We were there about three hours and the weather was PERFECT!! Eventually we came home and dealt with the heat but here are the pictures of the bliss we had while there :)
All the girls in the water, fully clothed :)

Zachary hanging with Derek

The Melissa and I with the girls, before they fell asleep

Melissa & Jayden with Delayna and Zachary

Jayden conked out

So did Bri!

Over the shoulder view

Hottest week in history

We got the hottest weather of all time in our area the last week of July. We were miserable. We tried to pass the time doing things to keep cool. On the 28th we headed to Seattle to the International Fountain at the Seattle Center. Delayna and the kids came with us. The water felt amazing and totally cooled us off.

The fountain and the needle

Brianna ready to go in the water

Audrey ready to go

Derek leading all the girls to the water

Audrey playing in the fountain

Derek trying to coax Brianna in the water

Brianna and Mama

After the fountain Delayna and the kids headed home and we decided to show Audrey the apartment we lived in when we first got married. So we headed over to Magnolia. She wasn't super interested but it was kinda nice to see it and to see my college. I haven't seen it since graduation four years ago. Then we headed to Golden Gardens a park/beach in Ballard. Brianna didn't like how hot the sand was so she stayed on the blanket under the umbrella and Audrey played in the frigid ocean waters. She is getting quite daring and made me a little nervous a few times. But we had a good time and were cooled off, if only for a little while. Then we headed home. We took our time and took a couple of detours (Sonic in Puyallup :) ).

The water at Golden Gardens

Brianna & Derek on the blanket

Audrey swimming in the water

Playing on the slide

Monday, August 10, 2009

My kiddos

I know I need to catch up and I will be doing that soon. I have a list of things that I need to blog about. I have been massively lacking in motivation and then I had surgery.... see lots to look forward to. :) I thought as a kick-off point I would post about one of my favorite topics: my kids. Audrey is doing well. She is learning so much and we are starting to gear up for some home preschooling this fall. She recognizes all letters. She spells her first and last name, knows her birthday and spells her friend Eva's name. She has an active and vivid imagination and cracks us up continually. Brianna is growing like a weed. She is running everywhere and climbing on as much as she can. She has even started talking!

Here is a list of her current words:
bye bye
all gone
all done
quack quack
ruff ruff
she says Mama but not in reference to me... ugh

Here is a couple of recent pics and a video of Brianna saying "all done":

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Camping on the Oregon Coast

In an effort to enjoy and take advantage of Derek's lay off we decided to head to Oregon to visit friends and go camping on the coast. We headed down on Sunday the twelfth in the morning. We took our time and got to the Arnold's early afternoon. We spent the day hanging out and grocery shopping for camping. Monday morning we set out for the coast. We couldn't check in at our campsite until the afternoon so we headed to Cape Meares Lighthouse just a few miles down from it first. The girls enjoyed walking down to the lighthouse and looking out from the lighthouse. The scenery was amazing and the trail itself was beautiful. It was a small lighthouse and so it was easy for the girls to climb up and look out of it.

After the lighthouse we headed to the campground. We camped at Cape Lookout. We got lucky and got sites next to each other because they were booked solid. We unpacked and headed to the beach to play. After dinner and bedtimes we spent a good portion of the evening trying to get a campfire going. Unfortunately the wood we bought was wet and never got it going. We still had a good time and then we all headed off to bed.

All the kids were up early the next morning because the sun comes up so early. After breakfast we headed to the beach. It was really windy and therefore felt quite cool. Around 10 we all headed to the local Fred Meyer to see if we could find cheap kites to fly while we waited for it to warm up. After lunch and a nap for Brianna and Hope it did get quite warm and we all headed to the beach again to play in the sun and the sand, which was everywhere by the time we left. That night when we all realized we were a little burnt we got the fire going and had s'mores! After another great day we all headed to bed.

Wednesday morning was super foggy as we packed up camp. We headed to the beach for one last walk and play. We were all sad to leave but we had a great time. We haven't spent that much time with the Arnolds since they moved and we really missed them so this was a perfect way to spend time with them. After a brief stop off at the Arnolds house we headed home. We took our time and made lots of stops and finally got home about 9:30 pm.

Here is a slideshow of our adventure:

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