Saturday, July 11, 2009

Strawberry Picking

I forgot to post about Strawberry Picking that we did on the second. The girls and I were planning on going anyway and then when Derek got laid off he decided to come with us. The strawberries were only $1.50 per pound. It was a great deal and fresh strawberries for the fourth sounded delicious. So we headed up to Sequim to Graysmarsh Farms. The weather was beautiful. We took a picnic lunch and a couple of bowls to fill up with strawberries. We ended up with about four pounds of berries and had a great time. On our way back we stop in Discovery Bay where they have these old railroad cars that they have turned into a pitstop where you can get pizza, ice cream and candy. We stopped for ice cream and ate outside with a beautiful view of the bay.
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A few favorites...

Our girls are getting so big and I can't believe how fast time is going. Audrey is three and a half as of today and Brianna is fourteen and a half months. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from recent days:

Audrey on the third of July, taken by Beth

Brianna in Auntie Bekah's hat

Daddy's girl Audrey

Daddy and his girls...

Fourth of July

Since the third was so busy we decided to have a little lower key day on the fourth. In the morning we took Audrey to see the new Ice Age movie. It was really cute and I was impressed that they could do three kids movies that were all good and kept the original voices. Audrey loved it and especially loved the Gummy Bears she ate. :) Then we just had a relaxing afternoon at home. In the evening we headed over to Panther Lake where my step-aunt has a house. They weren't having a big shindig so it was just us and then my mom and Kenny. We swam in the lake, had dinner, made s'mores and watched over 90 minutes of fireworks around the lake before heading home for the night. It was quite a display too. Brianna slept through the fireworks and they just had a great day. It was so relaxing.
Panther Lake

Making Fire!

Eating Marshmallows

Audrey eating marshmallows on the dock

Derek eating s'mores

Self-portrait, Audrey and Daddy


Papa & Tucker

The fire!

Third of July

The third of July is always the day that Poulsbo sets off it's fireworks. So we decided to spend the day in Poulsbo and just escape our new reality for a while. We started off the day by going to Sluy's Bakery, the best there is, and had donuts with the Schneiders and the Martins. We sat on the waterfront and ate our donuts and played. The weather was amazing all weekend and playing in the sun is great. Then we headed over to Mike & Jeannie Martin's house and had a BBQ. They have a great piece of property for kids because there is lots of room to run and they have a swingset. We spent all afternoon there. Then about 7:00 we headed back downtown for dinner and fireworks. We had woodfired pizza and found a small patch of grass to sit and wait. Considering how long we had to wait they did fantastic. Brianna ended up napping for quite a while and only woke up half way through the fireworks because someone smashed into the stroller.
It was a late night but a great day and we still had the fourth!!! That will be the next post.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally ready

So I haven't posted in about 2 weeks because I have been angry and grumpy (maybe I should make a new Disney movie). The economic crisis has finally hit home. Last Tuesday, the thirtieth, Derek came home from work early because he was laid off. The company he was working with has a lull between jobs and didn't need him. Unfortunately the wait at the union hall is about 5 months. This was quite a shock. We weren't ready for this at all. Derek had just gotten a scheduled raise and we were looking the most comfortable we ever had. We were trying to move into a bigger place and had a good prospect. We were looking at getting a bigger car and had a good prospect. We were looking at going to Cabo in January for a friends wedding.... all of that is off the table now. AND Derek's unemployment is about half of what he was making. I will be honest... I am angry. I know that we aren't the only ones dealing with this but it is a little different because Derek can't really go out and look for another job. He can't do anything electrical that isn't in the union without jumping through a ton of hoops and then there is no guarantee that he would find something at all much less something that would pay decent. He can't get a minimum wage job because it would be less than unemployment. So we basically get to wait around until he gets called up. There is a slight possibility that his old company can do what is called a "call back" where they can specifically request him at the union hall but they only have 45 days to do that. Hopefully that will happen but we don't know. We are trying to be positive and see the silver lining. Derek can catch up on sleep and we get a lot of family time. I am going to try and get a part-time job to help cover us until he is working again. Pray for us. I am stressed and I know Derek is too, and have I mentioned angry :) I will post soon about everything we have been doing in July. We are actually having a pretty good time considering. More to come soon.... over and out!