Thursday, April 30, 2009

So sleepy

So today we were out running errands when Brianna started to get fussy. Because it was lunchtime and she missed her morning nap, I assumed she needed a snack. So I bought her some crackers. She fussed quite a lot on the ride home. Which is unusual because a snack usually cures the fussies. Well when we got home I needed to empty out the car because I was taking it for an oil change with a free wash & vacuum. (woo hoo) I could hear her getting hysterical in the house. I rushed through emptying out the car and went back inside. Thinking that maybe she had a dirty diaper and possibly a rash, I handed her a cup of juice and laid her down to change her diaper. That is when it hit me how tired she was. She almost fell asleep during a diaper change!!! She hates diaper changes and it usually looks like I am wrestling her rather than just changing her. I was shocked. I decided to try and feed her lunch before she went down. The snuggles and the diaper change seemed to have calmed her down. So I put her in her highchair, gave her some green beans and her cup and went into the kitchen to make Audrey's lunch. When I came back to the table with Audrey's lunch this is what I found:

She was SO tired she fell asleep, sitting up, with a green bean in each fist. Needless to say, I put her in bed for her nap and she ate later. Poor pumpkin.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Audrey in a sundress and..... rainboots!

Audrey imparting wisdom :)

Brianna's first bubble bath

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miracle Grow?

A few weeks before Easter Audrey's class at church planted flowers in a pot and left them at church. They watered them every week and watched them grow. Then on Easter they got to bring their plant home. Since bringing her plant home it has just exploded!!!! We found out that it is morning glory and designed to grow up a trellis. That explains why it has completely twisted itself around a plant chime I put in the pot with it. It grows like an inch a day. It's crazy. I tried to capture it on film but the pictures don't do it justice.
To give you an idea of how fast it is growing, here is a picture from last Thursday & today:

Here is a close-up of the "wrapping" that the plant is doing around the chime.
Last Thursday & today:


Recently we have been told how much Brianna is taking after Derek's side of the family. So we dug out pictures of the two of us as children. Here is a little trip down memory lane:





Friday, April 24, 2009

Brianna's One Year Stats

So we took our little peanut to the doctor today for her one year check up. She is doing great. She is right on track with all her developmental milestones. She had no issues and while she is still a runt (said with love). She is 18 pounds 6 ounces and 28" tall. She is the 20th percentile for height and 10 percent for weight and 50th for head. She is growing steadily so there are no concerns. Also, if you saw her eat you would know there is no malnourishment going on here. We weaned her to milk this week and she is a champ. She hasn't had any issues with milk and doesn't seem to be missing breastfeeding. Although I am sure she wouldn't' object if I tried to nurse her. So I am officially FREE!!! YAY! I made it! Can you tell I am happy to be done? So all is well here and we will just keep waiting for her to walk more. She is taking about 4-5 steps but either gets excited and falls over or gets lazy and falls over or gets distracted and falls over. She is taking her time with it but that's OK. As soon as I can get it on video I will. Well, gotta go put the rugrats down for a nap. YAY again!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - one year old edition

Brianna is one and is sporting the latest fashions-a.k.a what Aunt Nicole bought her for her birthday:

Brianna Rose - One Year Old!!!

So Saturday we had Brianna's first birthday party. We had a ladybug theme, which we thought was appropriate for our tiny little ladybug. We did it at the our church in the upper portable and the weather was perfect. The kids played outside and enjoyed the bubble gift bags I got them. The adults enjoyed finger sandwiches, fruit and cake....well, the kids enjoyed the cake too! There were about 35 family members and friends there. I was really pleased with how it all came together but I was glad when it was over because it was a lot of work. Brianna ate copious amounts of food and a TON of cake. She had a blast and was EXHAUSTED by the time we got home. She received a good balance of clothes, toys, books and cash :). I have yet to gather and sort all the pictures but here are a few:
The spread

Brianna's personal birthday cake

Brianna in her birthday shirt

Eating her cake

As far as Brianna goes, she is a great kid still. She has a lot of spunk and doesn't let the fact that she is the younger sibling prevent her from getting what she wants. She loves her stuffed puppy and all Little People toys. She is *this close* to walking and I think she is just being lazy because she can stand for quite awhile unassisted. Plus, she has taken four steps. That is a little frustrating to me because she has been walking assisted with toys since 9 months. But she will do it when she is ready. She is babbling all the time and signs quite a bit. She likes music and dances anytime she hears it. She has her one year check up on Friday but from my calculations she is about 19 pounds and about 29". We will see what the doctor says on Friday. All in all I am so excited to see her growing and learning. While it is bittersweet I am really enjoying this one year old Brianna. Can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Easter was very busy for us this year but it was really good. Saturday night after Brianna went to bed Audrey got to dye eggs for the first time. She thought that was pretty cool. Then Sunday morning we got up and gave the girls their Easter basket and proceeded to get ready for church. We went to church and the girls got to show off their Easter finery. Then we went over to Mike & Jeannie's for lunch and an egg hunt for the kids. Because of the POURING rain we weren't able to take advantage of the beautiful land they have and had to hide the eggs in the house. The kids still had a blast and Brianna even found an egg and got to eat a Reese's bunny (thanks Derek). Audrey made out like a bandit and we are strictly rationing all candy. After playing with friends for a few hours we headed to my mom and Kenny's for Easter dinner. We were pooped but it was nice and low-key and I think the kids enjoyed the simplicity of it. We stayed and played dominoes for a while but then it was time to head home and get our exhausted children into bed. It was a great Easter. Here is a slideshow of pictures, I didn't get any pictures of the girls in their dresses before church because we were running late and I forgot but my mom did and I will post them when I get a copy... they looked beautiful but I am biased.

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Swan Lake

Last Saturday I finally got my birthday present. My mom, sister and I went to see Swan Lake at McCaw Hall. It was so beautiful. This is the third time that I have gone to see this ballet and it was still as amazing as the first time. The costumes were the most colorful of the three and the set was simple yet elegant. I wasn't supposed to take pictures but I snapped a few anyway, shhhh. I only got a few of Act One and Two because that's when I realized I wasn't' supposed to. They aren't great but they give you an idea of how great our seats were and how beautiful it all was. It was a long day (because the ferries never seem to make things faster) but it was a great day and the longest I have been out by myself without the girls in a LONG time.

Bekah & Mom outside the Space Needle after departing the cab.

After eating pizza at the Center House

Act One - Price Seigfried's birthday

Act Two - The Price and Odette fall in love

The swans all dancing together

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009


Just to bring everything up to date, here are a few headlines from the last few days. (I thought this would be better than several different posts all at once)

"Car gives scare, owner almost stranded!"
Thursday evening Derek was on his way home from work when he stopped to get gas and put some oil in his car (it has a small leak). When he went to get back on the road it wouldn't start. This really stunk because he was about 90 minutes from home at that point (with traffic). After about 15 minutes it did start back up and ran fine all the way home. Derek is pretty sure that it just overheated because he had to put a lot of oil in but is now aware that his temperature gauge doesn't work. :) So he is going to keep a better eye on it just make sure he fills it up more often. We are trying to get the money to get him a better car. So if you could pray for us that would be great.... which leads to my next headline.......

"Financial Peace University helps young family get on track."
Derek and I just started a new financial course. It is called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. He is very well known and many many families we know have taken this course and swear by it. He is a Christian and uses biblical principles to get your finances on track. Derek and I are very excited about what this will mean for our future. We have a lot of the right things in place (I think) but we are anxious to learn more ways to make our money work for us. Plus we are still cleaning up some mistakes that we made when we were newly married. Last night was the first official class. The first task is to get $1000 in an emergency fund as fast as possible. We are a little bummed that Derek is in school right now because we are living on 32 hours per week instead of 40 so that makes this first task harder and it will take us a little longer but we are going to work on our discipline. Positive note? I came home from the course last night and just by talking to Comcast I got our internet/cable bill cut in more than half, skimmed $10 off of our cell phone bill, and $10 off of another bill and just saved us $80 a month. I was so stoked!!! So if you think about it, pray that we can be disciplined enough to keep it up. Lastly.....

"When it comes to the weekend, fun=fast!"
We had quite a good weekend but we were busy! Friday night we went to dinner at Famous Dave's, probably our favorite restaurant. Then the Schneiders came over for a couple of hours and hung out. Derek and Matt played Tiger Woods '09 while Delayna and I cooed over Zachary and Audrey and Eva played. Saturday morning Derek had softball practice and I took the girls and ran some errands. Then we went over to Derek's Grandma Bonnie's house for lunch with the family. It was good food and it was a pretty good time. The weather was nippy but sunny so Audrey got to play outside for a while, which is always a bonus for her. That night, after naps, we went to a friend's house to celebrate a birthday. It was yummy lasagna and really a good time. There are three little girls (including Audrey) that are all about the same age and they LOVE to play together, even if they annoy each other sometimes. Sunday we had church and Derek and I had nursery duty for toddlers. It was a really rough day but we made it through unscathed. Even got everything done that we needed to. The best part was that we had friends in town who just had a new little girl about a month ago and we got to see them for the first time since her birth. That was exciting. Then we had lunch, naps and it was off to financial peace.

Well now you are all caught up, which I know you were dying to be! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wonderful weather

We were fortunate enough to have four very beautiful days. We even had a day that was in the seventies and got to wear shorts. It was awesome. Especially since we had snow, albeit briefly, on the first of this month. We decided to take as much advantage of it as possible because being the Pacific Northwest you never know how long it will last. So Monday we went to the zoo. We were accompanied by friends and I don't think we could have wished for a better day. The girls had a blast and the weather was perfect. Yesterday we went to a park and soaked up some more Vitamin D. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So rather than ramble on here is a slideshow of our trip to the zoo:

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Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Professional Picture Failure

I have been going to JC Penney for pictures for the kids as long as we have had kids. I have never had a sitting where I walked away with nothing. There's a first time for everything! Last night we went to take the girls in for Easter pictures and Brianna's one year pictures. The photographer wasn't very good. She didn't work well with Brianna at all. If you know Brianna you know that she is pretty smiley and loves the camera but that lady couldn't get her to smile very often. It didn't help that it was almost dinner time and she cut three of her fingers right before we left. So we decided we would just get the Easter pictures she took... then we looked at them. There were only two half-way decent pictures and I realized I would be settling if I got either one. So we passed completely and I rescheduled for Monday morning. Hopefully it will go better.

As for Brianna cutting herself... I have all my nail polishes in a zipped up bag. Audrey got into the bag and the two of them pulled them all out. Somewhere in the process one of the bottles broke where the neck and bottle meet. It didn't make a mess but Brianna did get three cuts on the back of three fingers of her right had and was bleeding. I was really glad Derek was home. They are very minor and she didn't even cry but I felt bad for her anyway. Here is a picture of her little bandaged hand: