Tuesday, March 31, 2009

End of March

Well today is the last day of March and that means only three weeks until Brianna turns one. This is very bittersweet for me. The sweet part is watching how much she is learning. She is almost walking, she is signing, she voluntarily gives kisses and hugs. Also, I will be done with breastfeeding which is very sweet!!! But since it is possible that she is our last one I am a little sad at how fast this year has gone. Anyway....
I love love love this time of year. Spring is my very favorite season. The days get longer, the sun shines more (ideally) and the world changes right in front of your eyes. Spring always seems to mean endless possibility to me. I am more optimistic in the spring. I am full of ambition and new inspiration. I don't know what it is about watching the world come back to life after a drab winter that moves me so but I just love it. I can't imagine living in a place where the seasons don't change enough to experience this. Although every winter I vow I need to move someplace warmer. Easter is almost here and that means so much to me also. To think about everything that Jesus did for us makes me grateful as well. I am so looking forward to Spring and Summer. I am excited at all the fun things I will be able to do with the girls now that Brianna will be old enough to enjoy it too. Also, we are most likely moving this summer when our lease is up. I HATE moving but am anxious for a bigger place. If you think of us pray that God will show us the perfect place. Well, gotta go enjoy the sun we have today while it is here. Ahhhh fresh air!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tumbling class

This past fall I anxiously awaited the day that Audrey would turn three. When January came and we were able to start signing her up for classes I was so excited. She is an active kid and there just isn't much to do in the winter besides walk the mall or Target. So in January and February she took a swim class. When that was over we signed her up for a tumbling class. It is only once a week for 45 minutes but she loves it and she learned how to do a somersault. Here is a video of her accomplishment:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A mournful day

Today was a sad day for us. We attended the memorial service for the father of a friend of ours. He is the first one of our friends to lose a parent and while we didn't know his dad exceptionally well, we wanted to be there to support our friend. It was a beautiful service and made me wish I had known his dad better. There were wonderful stories all about him and it was touching to have each one of his seven children get up and talk about how much their dad meant to them. There were tears and lots of laughter. Our friend's dad really left a wonderful legacy and inspired me to really live my life in a way that will leave a great legacy for my children and their children. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Justin!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

"When it comes to the weekend, fun=fast!"

We had quite a good weekend but we were busy! Friday night we went to dinner at Famous Dave's, probably our favorite restaurant. Then the Schneiders came over for a couple of hours and hung out. Derek and Matt played Tiger Woods '09 while Delayna and I cooed over Zachary and Audrey and Eva played. Saturday morning Derek had softball practice and I took the girls and ran some errands. Then we went over to Derek's Grandma Bonnie's house for lunch with the family. It was good food and it was a pretty good time. The weather was nippy but sunny so Audrey got to play outside for a while, which is always a bonus for her. That night, after naps, we went to a friend's house to celebrate a birthday. It was yummy lasagna and really a good time. There are three little girls (including Audrey) that are all about the same age and they LOVE to play together, even if they annoy each other sometimes. Sunday we had church and Derek and I had nursery duty for toddlers. It was a really rough day but we made it through unscathed. Even got everything done that we needed to. The best part was that we had friends in town who just had a new little girl about a month ago and we got to see them for the first time since her birth. That was exciting. Then we had lunch, naps and it was off to financial peace.

"Financial Peace University helps young family get on track."

Derek and I just started a new financial course. It is called Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. He is very well known and many many families we know have taken this course and swear by it. He is a Christian and uses biblical principles to get your finances on track. Derek and I are very excited about what this will mean for our future. We have a lot of the right things in place (I think) but we are anxious to learn more ways to make our money work for us. Plus we are still cleaning up some mistakes that we made when we were newly married. Last night was the first official class. The first task is to get $1000 in an emergency fund as fast as possible. We are a little bummed that Derek is in school right now because we are living on 32 hours per week instead of 40 so that makes this first task harder and it will take us a little longer but we are going to work on our discipline. Positive note? I came home from the course last night and just by talking to Comcast I got our internet/cable bill cut in more than half, skimmed $10 off of our cell phone bill, and $10 off of another bill and just saved us $80 a month. I was so stoked!!! So if you think about it, pray that we can be disciplined enough to keep it up.

"Youngest Boulch turns 11 months!"

Yep, you read that right. Brianna Rose is now eleven months old. I can't believe it, it has gone so fast. I know every month I say that and it is because every new month goes by exponentially faster. I am currently sitting here doing my darnedest not to blink because I know if I do we will be at April 21, 2009 and my baby will be one. It is very bittersweet for me because I love how much she can do, she is almost walking, but I am sad that the baby stage is gone and that it went so fast. We have 95% of her birthday party planned so we are good in that arena. It definitely snuck up on me because I usually have Audrey's planned out about 2-3 months in advance because of the holidays. But now that I have most of it done, I am feeling more comfortable with how fast the party is approaching. Now comes the looming question.. will there be more?
I'll leave you with a picture:
Brianna, 2 days old

Brianna, 11 months old

"Car gives scare, owner almost stranded!"

Thursday evening Derek was on his way home from work when he stopped to get gas and put some oil in his car (it has a small leak). When he went to get back on the road it wouldn't start. This really stunk because he was about 90 minutes from home at that point (with traffic). After about 15 minutes it did start back up and ran fine all the way home. Derek is pretty sure that it just overheated because he had to put a lot of oil in but is now aware that his temperature gauge doesn't work. :) So he is going to keep a better eye on it just make sure he fills it up more often. We are trying to get the money to get him a better car. So if you could pray that Derek's car holds out until we are able to get a new one that would be much appreciated!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Similarities and Differences

***DISCLAIMER - this is long and is mostly for my benefit to look back and reminisce about my girls***

When I was getting ready to have Brianna I would often think, "I wonder what she'll be like?" I wondered if she would look like Audrey or if she would have hazel eyes like Derek? Would she be needy or independent like Audrey? Would she be a fussy kid or would she be tough? As Brianna RAPIDLY approaches a year (only 33 days) I am amazed at how two people who came from the same genetic make-up can be so much alike and yet so different.

*As far as looks go they looked quite similar at birth. They were both born with quite a bit of hair. Although Brianna lost more and it grew in really even. Audrey had a long patch at the crown of her head for a LONG time.
*Now they both have brown hair, but Audrey's is darker, and blue eyes, but Brianna's are darker.
*They both have the same nose, mine, and the same chin, Derek's.
*They both got Derek's long eyelashes, lucky girls.
*Audrey is built like me, torso and legs about the same length. Whereas Brianna is built like Derek, longer legs and shorter torso.
*Both girls were peanuts in their first year, staying in the 20th percentile. We shall see if Brianna follows after Audrey and shoots up between 18 months and 3 years.
* Brianna teethed earlier and has more teeth now then Audrey did. Audrey got two teeth at nine months and then no more until 15 months. Then proceeded to get 10 teeth in three months. It wasn't as bad as it sounds because Audrey had no problems with teething. Brianna got two teeth at seven months, two at nine months, one at ten months and is working on one more at least. She also has a harder time with them... although the last one wasn't as bad. Also, Audrey's teeth always came in in sets, within 48 hours of each other... Brianna currently has three teeth on top and is working on the fourth... she is a little lop-sided. :)

*As for personality, well let's just say the sibling rivalry has already started. Brianna is no push-over. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it, even if her big sister had it first. While I am glad that she has this trait as it will do her well in life, it has made for a lot of fights already.
*Also Brianna is a little bit of a bully to Audrey... hopefully that will change as she gets older and understands more. Thankfully Audrey is very gentle with Brianna even when she pushes, pulls her hair and even bites.... you heard me.
*They are both very active. Brianna has been crawling since a little over 6 months and is exhausting to keep track of. The only way I can get anything done is to be diligent about shutting doors and using gates wisely.
*They both LOVE their food. While Audrey has become pickier in the last 6-9 months (gotta love the toddler need to control something) when she was Brianna's age she would eat anything. And Brianna does. She loves her food and will let you know, quite loudly, if she thinks you should be sharing...which she always does.
*Brianna has taken to playing in the bathroom. Something that Audrey has NEVER been into doing. It is really maddening since our bathroom door doesn't latch and therefore if you aren't inside to slide the bar lock shut, it opens with the slightest push. Here comes the gate.
*Brianna has also become a climber, which Audrey NEVER did. She climbs out of buckles on shopping carts, high chairs and has started climbing on things to get to what she wants... SHE IS 11 MONTHS! (almost).
*Brianna is an early bird, much to my chagrin. Audrey always slept until at least eight. I know, I was massively spoiled. There were times when she would have growth spurts and sleep until nine or later. I LOVED that, especially when I was pregnant. Although it did make it a little more difficult to get out the door when we needed to be somewhere early. Brianna is up by seven at the latest. I have been working on getting her to seven for a couple of weeks because it was six a.m. on the dot everyday for a while and that was just too early. So far it has been almost a week and only one day was she up before seven.
*Lastly, both my girls are very oral. To this day I still have to tell Audrey to take something out of her mouth occasionally. Brianna is the same way... except she doesn't have a binkie like Audrey did. Audrey was addicted to her binkie. She had it only at nap/bed time after a year but we didn't take it away until two. She has done fine without it. Brianna took the binkie for about a week and then slowly switched to her thumb.... and then at about six months, she just stopped. I think it had to do with her teething. Either way, it works for us.

I love both of my girls so much. I love their similarities and their differences and wouldn't trade them or change them for anything. I am a very blessed mama.

Here is a preview of Brianna's new climbing ability:

Being caught climbing

"Look what I got!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I am the luckiest mom in the world:

The White Flag

I finally waved the white flag Monday morning. After feeling so much pressure in my face Sunday night that I could hardly move my head I decided it was more than just a cold. So Monday morning Audrey, Brianna and I headed to PromptCare. Now there is the biggest oxymoron ever! We got there thirty minutes after they opened to discover that I had taken my insurance card out of my wallet and forgot to put it back in. So I was freaking out because I thought I wasn't going to be able to be seen and I had NO idea where it was because my head was all fuzzy. Luckily our insurance cards are identical so Derek just texted me the necessary information and that was fine. Then Audrey decided she couldn't wait two minutes for me to give her Cheerios and spilled half the bag that was supposed to be both her breakfast and Brianna's. I was a little irritated. After waiting and waiting and waiting and the girls waiting and waiting and waiting we finally got called back. And the doctor told me what I already knew - I have a sinus infection. Never having one I waited longer than I would normally to go and be seen and therefore it will take a couple of days before the antibiotics to fully kick in but I am already starting to feel a little better. We got there at 9:30 am and left at 11:45 am. Did I mention both girls have colds complete with snotty noses and coughing as well? So I got to deal with that while waiting too. Overall they didn't do too bad. Brianna was the worst because she wanted to crawl all over and obviously I wasn't going to allow her to do that at PROMPTCARE! I am just glad it is over and I am on the mend. Hopefully the girls cough won't bug them as much tonight as it did last night. I am getting really tired of sickness. Pray it passes over us soon!

And so it begins...

So when Derek started at his new job site less than a month ago they told him they were going to try to go the whole job without doing any overtime. We were grateful for that because of all the overtime he has been working for the past, well almost a year now. So last Tuesday he called me and told me that for the next two weeks, starting this week, they were going to work ten hour days except for Fridays. I was disappointed but it is a good time for us because Derek just started a quarter of school and is only working four days a week right now. He will still be home by six o'clock so it isn't terrible, just frustrating. Hopefully they will stick to what they said and it will only be for two weeks. We shall see!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cold from hell

So last Thursday I started to get a cold. This really wasn't a shocker to me since Brianna had been fighting one and she insists on slime-ing me kisses several times a day. However it has turned into the cold from hell. It has just drained me completely and I can't seem to kick it. I have a headache all the time that nothing seems to get rid of it completely and overall I just don't feel well. Every day is a tiny bit better but not as much as I would expect for being over a week later. *sigh* I don't mean to whine but if you think of me, say a little prayer for healing. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

The "Dora Coma"

Reading Books

Friday, March 6, 2009

Worth a thousand words?

Monday I was cleaning and realized I could hear Brianna but couldn't see her. The last I had seen of her she was pulling all the diapers out of the basket under the end table where we keep them. Oh wait, I found her:

Children's Museum

The first Thursday of every month, in the state of Washington, you can go to any museum for free. Well, there is a children's museum on Bainbridge that I have been wanting to take the girls to. Whenever there is something I would like to do with the girls without Derek I try to do it as cheaply as possible because you never know how long we'll be there. One of them could get sick or Audrey could decide to be a pill or ... you name it. So this free day is perfect for us. So we went with friends, Melissa and her daughter, Taylor, and had a good time. The museum overall isn't very big so they have one central theme running throughout and then have various activities and crafts you can do that relate. Their current them is the Zany Rainy Rainforest, which pleased my animal lover Audrey to no end. They had stuffed animals EVERYWHERE and a giant snake to crawl through. They had crafts to do, which Audrey couldn't sit still for long enough to do and a few different areas to play. That was just the first floor. Then we went downstairs... Brianna enjoyed this floor more because it was all interactive stuff. They had foam blocks, a magnetic rainforest with animals, a puppet area and a tent. The girls, including Brianna, explored down here for quite a while. I would say it was a success and definitely plan on going back. It will even be more enjoyable once Brianna is walking and can do more... she isn't a big fan of just sitting in a stroller when it isn't moving - she is so much like Audrey. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures :( - oh well, next month.

28 Years

Well, Derek is now 28. His birthday was Wednesday and we had a pretty eventful day. Friends of ours had their baby on his birthday. That was pretty neat and really, what are the odds of that happening? Now Derek has a pint-sized birthday buddy. From me & the girls he got another guitar for his Guitar Hero game so that now we can have four players. He was quite excited about that. After visiting our friends in the hospital we went to dinner at a Chinese food restaurant. That was a big deal because I don't like Chinese food so we almost never have it. I ate an egg roll and a lot of rice. :) Sunday we are having a family dinner at our house - lasagna. I feel like his birthday wasn't as big of a deal as usual this year and I am not sure why. He didn't count down like usual and overall it kind of sneaked up on us. When I asked him he didn't know why either but said he had a good birthday. I guess that's all that matters. Only two years until thirty!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


This past weekend we went up to visit our really good friends Heidi & josh up in Bellingham. They got married about two and a half years ago and we have never visited them before. I think the fact that they don't have kids has always made me hesitate because I didn't want my kids to bug them. I finally decided that was silly because I missed my friend and knew deep down they love kids. So we decided to try, in the winter, to plan a weekend up there. We ALMOST got derailed when they got six inches of snow the day before we were supposed to head up there. Luckily it melted enough that we were still able to head up there on Friday afternoon. We arrived Friday evening about 5:00 and had a great evening hanging out and eating yummy tacos. Then Josh & Derek stayed up until 3:30 am.... that's all I have to say about that.

Saturday we got up and just hung around the house for a while. Brianna has made the Boulch household early risers and we were all up by 8:00. Josh got up and made us breakfast and we watched Kung Fu Panda. Then we went to Josh's favorite park, Zuanich Park, and played for a little while. It was beautiful but cold. It's too bad because Audrey was having a blast playing but the rest of us were ready to go pretty fast. Then it was time for lunch. We headed to a burger place called Bob's where the hostess was not at all hospitable to a group of our size, all 6 of us, and therefore we left and headed to a wood stove pizza place called La Fiamma's. It was a great place. We got seated right away and they even brought out a little ball of pizza dough for Audrey to play with while we waited. As for the food - it was SO yummy. We had salad, mine had sun-dried tomato vinaigrette -yuuuummm, and individual pizzas. I had a Margherita pizza and I was in heaven it was so good. Even Audrey, who recently has developed a loathing for sauce of any kind, ate almost her whole little pizza. After lunch Josh found this place where you could go and touch sea life. So we headed to the Marine Life Center. We spent about a half an hour there. There were a few aquariums, one which you could go under and then come up in this bubble that had you look at the aquarium from inside of it, and a couple of open tanks that you could touch the animals. Audrey, our animal aficionado, LOVED it. Brianna even enjoyed looking at the different tanks. Then it was back to Josh & Heidi's for nap time and some Wii! We spent the rest of the evening hanging out at their place. We had yummy spaghetti, played Scrabble (which I won :) ) and watched The Big Bang Theory. We all headed to bed fairly early, 11:00, because we had church the next morning.

Sunday we had a pretty relaxed morning since we didn't have to be at church until 11:00 and we are used to being at church at 9:00. We had breakfast, gave the girls a bath and headed off to hear Pastor Josh preach for the first time. Their church is fairly small and they don't have any children under school-age but Heidi & Josh thoughtfully found a very nice lady, who's name escapes me, to watch the girls for us. They had a great time. Good thing neither of our girls mind strangers. Josh had a great sermon on worship from Nehemiah and then we got to eat snacks, a sign of a good Baptist church - food. :) After that we headed home for a smorgasbord of leftovers, yummy, and naps for the girls. While they napped we played Cranium Kabooki on the Wii and it hated Derek and I... but that's ok. Then we bowled. I think Derek won, I know it wasn't me by a long shot. After that we packed up and headed home in the rain. That was fairly uneventful except for the sun peaking through a break in the clouds as it set. I tried to get a picture but it definitely doesn't do it justice. Plus we were driving down the highway at 70 mph.

Overall it was a great weekend - great friends, good food and the girls slept well. Can't ask for much more. We plan to go back up once the weather is warmer because it was practically torture for Audrey to be that close to all that water and tell her she couldn't go swimming in it. When we told her we would come back when it was warmer she said, "I would like that." Well, we would like that too.

Here is a slideshow of our weekend:
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