Friday, September 19, 2008

5 months and still growing...

So it has been more than a week since I last posted. We have done quite a bit. As I mentioned we went to the zoo last Friday the 12th (see slideshow for some pics) and had a great time. We went with our friends, Delayna and Eva. The girls (Audrey and Eva) had a blast but that zoo is on a hill so Delayna and I got quite a workout.

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Saturday the 13th was my nephew's first birthday party. That was fun and Audrey had a good time eating only the frosting off of her cake. Unfortunately, bonehead that I am, I don't have any pictures because we got there and I realized I left my memory card at home. Duh! Derek had his last softball game on Tuesday. It was a beautiful day so we went. Unfortunately they lost but they played a really good game.

Then Wednesday we went to the Puyallup Fair (Yet another slideshow :))because all of a sudden I realized it was the last week for it and we didn't want to go on the weekend because of the crowds. And luckily we didn't save it for this last weekend because the weather on Saturday was crappy. We had a good time. Derek was more relaxed because it wasn't crazy crowded. Audrey loved it and wished she could ride more rides, next year. She went on the carousel with Derek and LOVED it. That's always her favorite. Brianna was a star as usual and just chilled in her stroller looking at all the lights. We got home late and the girls were exhausted but it was worth it. We got Brianna's caricature done and it is so cute.

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Brianna's Caricature

Brianna is now 5 months old... WOW! She is doing great still. She is eating some baby food now which she absolutely LOVES! She is rolling over both ways and *this close* to sitting. She did it for a few minutes the other day. She isn't independently sitting yet but it won't be long. She laughs easily and loves little kids, especially her big sister. Audrey has already put in a request for more sisters.... we'll see.

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Speaking of Audrey, funny story. One day she was running around the house in a pull-up and t-shirt and got a wedgie. She came running up to me and told me that her "heinie is falling out of my body". It was so funny. She says the most hilarious things these days. She is a total big girl. I have lost my toddler. She thinks independently now and comes up with songs and has a CONSTANT running dialogue with her toys when she plays. She really is fun but she is still 2 and that is apparent at some point each day. Pray for the potty training though. It hasn't really happened and I am trying not to get frustrated. Everyone tells me that it will happen quickly once she is ready. Of course it is easy for them to say because every single person who tells me that has a potty trained child already. I am praying that it is true and anxiously awaiting her to be ready entirely. She keeps getting closer but she isn't there yet. *sigh*

As far as my quest for thinness goes, its ok. The exercise thing is hard to get in on some days but I am doing ok. I don't know if the numbers are showing anything because I haven't gotten my scale yet, should be here Wednesday. Keep thinking of me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Feet feet feet

So just a short post tonight because we went to the zoo today and I am super tired and headed off to bed. However, I couldn't head off without showing off this adorable picture of my youngest with her new obsession: her feet.

It's so cute. She even had her foot in her hand and was sucking her thumb at the same time at one point. Man, I can't believe she is almost five months old. Time flies. I will post more about the fun time at the zoo soon. Ta ta for now!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

So today is September 11, 2008. Seven years have past since that day that the airplanes crashed into the twin towers and the pentagon and changed our country drastically. While it has been long enough that I feel relatively safe again I know that at any second that illusion could be shattered just like it was on that day. I also feel for the families on this day and mourn especially for the children who lost parents for no good reason. Then I begin to think about what I was doing that day. I had graduated from high school just three months prior and was headed off to college in a matter of days. I was sleeping in my room at my parent's house when my mom came in to tell me what had happened. Because of being asleep I didn't comprehend what was going on. My mom told me an airplane had crashed into one of the twin towers in NY. I said OK, and rolled back over. What felt like seconds later, she came back in to tell me that the second tower had been hit as well. Again I rolled over but the news started to sink in. I laid there for about 10 more minutes processing and then I came out to join the world in watching the horror unfold again and again and again on the television screen. Now when the day rolls around each year, while I do reflect on what happened and mourn for the loss of the people and some of our security as a nation, I also reflect on what has happened with me since then. I was 18, going on 19, that day. Now I am almost 26. I have gone to and graduated from college. Gotten married, celebrated 5 years this last July. Been pregnant twice and have had two beautiful daughters. So while I will never forget what happened on that infamous day seven years ago I am going to keep looking to the future and focus on the good and positive things that are happening in my life. And I am going to pray for the future and all the positives and negatives that it holds for us as a family, and also us as a nation.

Monday, September 8, 2008

20 Weeks

Holy cow!!! It just occured to me, just now, that my baby is 20 weeks old today. That's half of a pregnancy. That means she has been out of me half the time she was in me. Oh my, how fast it is going. And it is soooo bittersweet. Just thought I would share my shock and amazement.

The beginning of thin...

I am writing this blog entry with some trepidation because by putting out there what I am about to I am holding myself accountable to a lot of people, hopefully. Plus it is making myself vulnerable and talking about a subject that I NEVER even mention to people normally, my weight.

This weekend Derek and I purchased a treadmill that I found on Craigslist. I have been wanting a treadmill for years because it is one of the few pieces of exercise equipment that works well for me. I don't have to really think about what I am doing and the treadmill's motor prevents me from getting distracted and slowing down. Plus, I have the treadmill to tell me exactly how far I went. Now I have struggled with weight pretty much since I hit puberty. But with the birth of my second daughter I now find myself not fitting into clothes very well even though I am back at my starting weight and have been, although that number isn't really something to brag about either. So even though I am not at an ideal weight, even the weight I was at makes me not fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes very well because everything has shifted and settled differently after this last pregnancy. As we have not decided whether or not there are going to be more children I can't say as to whether or not this might happen to me again. However, if there is another one I would like to be in better shape before getting pregnant again.

So here is my goal. I would like to lose:
Ultimate goal:65 pounds
Minimum before next pregnancy (if there is one): 30 pounds

There it is. Now everyone knows. I am going to start by exercising at least three days a week but I am going to shoot for five. I am not going to eat after eight o'clock at night and I am cutting back on my soda. No longer are we going to bring it in the house. It will be a treat for eating out only. This is going to be the hardest actually and I am determined to do it. I am hoping by making it public I will be less likely to get lazy and rationalize not doing it. Hoping.... I will be posting my successes and failures, although I am hoping there aren't too many faliures. There is a lot of hope and determination in this post.... let's hope :) it stays that way.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Two thirds...

Now that the year is two thirds of the way done I figured I would catch up on a few things that I hadn't posted about yet. First of all we had a hectic August. I got the girls pictures taken at the end of July and got those back the beginning of the month... planning to scan and upload a couple on here soon. We had friends visit from Oregon and my grandma visited from Illinois. We had a lot of fun for the week she was here. We had rain and heat and all sorts of craziness. We went to the fair and the zoo, you can see the pictures on the slideshow on the previous post.

We even went to Seattle for the day on the 16th of the month. It was a really hot day and we thought it would be fun to take Audrey to the Seattle Center to the International Fountain. We were right, she had a BLAST. And because I am beginning to HATE posting pictures on here because of formatting nusances, and because I just discovered Smilebox and LOVE it, here is another slideshow of pictures from our day in Seattle.

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Brianna got her 4 month check up on the 22nd. She is doing great. She is 12 pounds, 5 ounces (petite just like Audrey was) and 24 inches long. Audrey is 33 pounds and 36.5 inches tall. Not so petite anymore. Brianna then proceeded to get several vaccines and we spent the rest of the day at home resting from that.

Also, Brianna and Audrey are officially in the same room. Its a little hairy for naptime but nighttime is going great and that is far more important. It took a LOT of rearranging and revamping to get the room to work for both them but we finally got it looking good and I really like it. So here is a short little slideshow of their room too.

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The only other thing that has happened has been that Brianna has started eating rice cereal. That is quite a messy venture in and of itself. I am going to try really hard to get back into keeping this up more regularly. I think as fall approaches we will be less busy... but then again maybe not. Stay tuned though. There is lots more to come as my girls continue to grow and grow and I know that if I don't write it all down I am never going to remember what happened and when it happened. Till next time, Ciao!