Saturday, May 31, 2008

Everybody wants to be a cat

So apparently the cats of the neighborhood have decided that our back porch is the place to be. Recently a grey striped cat has been coming on our porch and meowing at our sliding glass door. I have tried to shoo him away but he visits everyday. Then there have been what I thought was two more black cats, a long-haired and a short-haired. Come to find out that there are actually two short-haired ones, so a total of 4 different cats that have been visiting my back porch. So today I come home from my mom's house and find the following on my back porch:
I have done nothing to encourage these cats to come and visit so I don't know what to do . None of them are wearing collars but with no leash laws that doesn't mean someone doesn't own them. I don't know if any of them are fixed and I don't want them claiming this as home. Hopefully they will all get bored when they realize they aren't getting anything out of me or my home and go back to where they came from. Otherwise I might be taking some trips to the humane society.

Friday, May 30, 2008

What an imagination

My daughter, Audrey, has such an imagination and makes me chuckle about 20 times a day. She can be heard talking to her friends, whoever she happens to be playing with, all day long. She loves animals and her my little ponies and her Disney princesses. Well today she was playing and I walked by our sliding glass door that goes out to our back porch and this is what I found:

Apparently they were all looking for a kitty cat... at least that's what Audrey told me when I asked her what they were doing. I'll explain more about the cats later :/

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Well we had a great and busy Memorial Day weekend. The weather was decent and we got to see a lot of friends. Friday night we didn't do much. Derek got home from work early so we went to Taco Del Mar for dinner, YUM! Then we just spent time as a family. Saturday we headed to Mountlake Terrace for our friend's, Matt & Delayna, daughter's 2nd birthday. Audrey and Eva are friends and love to play together so she was super excited. It was a princess theme and tutu's and tiara's were encouraged. I couldn't find tutu's for both of the girls, especially Brianna, so I just made them. I thought they turned out pretty cute. Then we went to Claim Jumpers for lunch. Derek had been looking forward to this for months as we don't have one on our side of the water. It was good fun and great friends. We don't see Matt & Delayna as often as we would like to because they live in Ellensburg so it was nice to spend time with them. Then we came home and spent the evening as a family. Derek and I watched Sweeny Todd... it was interesting but I will probably never watch it again. It was a little gory.

Then, for the dramatic part of the weekend, I had a gall bladder attack Saturday night. So I ended up in prompt care Sunday morning, so we missed church. Which I didn't really like but unfortunately sometimes that happens. They said since it wasn't painful, just tender, when they pushed on my gall bladder that I was most likely just trying to pass a gall stone. Luckily it didn't get stuck or cause inflammation so everything is better now. Hopefully it won't happen again but I am trying to not have a ton of fatty foods in one day (like I did Saturday) because that can trigger it. Sunday evening we met up with some friends and their little girl, Rachel, at a park. Audrey practiced riding her "bicible" (bicycle) but still hasn't gotten the hang of pedaling. She and Rachel are only four months apart in age and love to play together. They are so funny.

Monday our friends from Bellingham, Heidi and Josh, came over to our house. They got to meet Brianna and see where we live. It was great to see them and hang out. It has been a long time. We sat and talked for a few hours. Then we went over the Beth and Jonathan's again and spent more time with friends. We had a great weekend and I wish all weekend's were three days long.
There really isn't much to update on otherwise. We are just hanging out and dealing with Derek's long hours. We are hoping that he gets transferred soon to a job site closer so we aren't spending so much in gas and so he can be home earlier. Here are some pics of our weekend taken on my new camera that I got for Mother's Day:

Audrey on her bicycle

Glimpses of Brianna's first smiles

Brianna in her tutu

Audrey in her tutu

Audrey playing in the sun

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One Month Old

So it is the twenty-first of May. I cannot believe it. My little one is already a month old. It has flown by. I remember Audrey's first month and how long it was. I thought it wouldn't end some nights. However, Brianna's ..... well, maybe it is because I have two to occupy me but it has gone by so fast. She is still doing really well. We seem to have dodged the acid reflux bullet this time. That's a relief. No medicine several times a day for months on end. No spit up of poltergeist proportions after every meal, heck who am I kidding, all the time. No stinking of spoiled milk so that I feel like she should be bathed twice a day, sometimes more. Not to mention the screaming that would accompany flare-ups that I pretty much couldn't do anything about. So to say I am thankful that she doesn't have acid reflux would be the understatement of the year. She is still sleeping really well... hallelujah for that. She is starting to have longer awake periods and working on holding her head up more. Audrey is still infatuated with her but has definitely started acting out the last two weeks. I think there is still some adjustment going on. She is having some major meltdowns over petty things. It is hard to know if these tantrums are because she is two or because of the baby or because of the change in Derek's schedule that has her seeing him only about an hour and a half a day at the most. OR if it is a combination of all that, which is most likely what it is. Luckily if it is because of the baby Audrey doesn't realize that so she is just acting out towards us and Brianna is still getting the loads of kisses and attention from Audrey that she has always received. Not much else is going on. I made tutu's for both girls for an upcoming birthday party and they look so cute. I did a pretty good job on them if I do say so myself... and I do. :) I will post pics of them once I get a decent one... now that I have my new camera.... more on that later... gotta go feed the baby again. A mother's work is never done, especially when breastfeeding.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby Shower

So yesterday was my baby shower. It was very informal and relaxed. I really enjoyed it. Some of my friends weren't able to make it but I still had a good time. There was really yummy food and I got some great presents. Brianna got a lot more clothes. Plus we got some diapers and wipes... which are ALWAYS helpful. We got quite a few gift cards which will help to fund our new double stroller. I will post of picture of it when we go and get it. My friend Jodi made a beautiful sweater and bootie set that she knitted. It is so pretty. I also got a great nursing cover from my friend Beth... just what I needed. Overall it was a great day. As soon as I get some pictures from my mom I will post them. Thanks to everyone who came and thanks for all the presents. P.S. Annoucements will be going out at the end of this week.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stupid IRS

So our tax stimulus payment was supposed to come yesterday. I have anxiously been awaiting this because we are going to use it to get another car. So we waited and waited and ... NOTHING. It didn't come. I can't figure out why... I hunt and hunt and call and still... NOTHING. Finally I find out that if you paid for your tax filing fees out of your refund you are going to get a paper check. Even if your refund came via direct deposit. I am so irritated because I checked so many things and never once did I see this piece of information beforehand. UGH!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

2 week update...

So Brianna had her 2 week appointment today. She is doing great. She weighs eight pounds, a six ounce gain over her birth weight, and is 21 inches long. She is in the seventy-fifth percentile for her height. No one would ever believe she is a Boulch. :) She is in the thirtieth percentile for weight. Overall she is doing great! The doctor said, and I quote, she looks perfect. Luckily she is gaining weight like a champ so I don't have to wake her for feedings which is fantastic since she sleeps a good 6 hours straight at night. She is having more alert, awake periods during the day and we just can't wait for that first smile.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Same old, same old?

Wow, it is the sixth of May and I have only blogged once so far this month? What could possibly be distracting me so thoroughly?? :D Anyway, not much has been going on here. Just adjusting to the new baby, who is a dream by the way, and Derek's new schedule. The adjustment is going pretty well. Audrey is, of course, having the hardest time with everything but mostly with Derek being gone so much.

To update you on the transfer I mentioned a couple of entries ago:
His new job assignment has him working 10 hour days 4 days a week and Saturdays starting in a couple of weeks. He is working at Microsoft and apparently the job he is on is 11 million dollars worth of electrical work alone, so they are working really hard to finish the project on time. The commute so far hasn't been too bad. It takes him about an hour and a half to get home most days. It isn't great considering for the last 5 months he has been coming home at 4 pm and now he isn't getting home until 6:30 at the earliest - however, without the extra hours it would be a real pinch financially with gas prices the way they are. So we are trying to be grateful.

Also, we got another car!! This is another area in which we are trying to be grateful because it was free! However, it gets really crappy gas mileage and the inside isn't in great shape. It sat for a few months and there is all sorts of dust and some mold on the carpets. I cleaned it out the best that I could but my asthma acts up when I drive it - not bad, just enough to notice. We are going to try to either sell it and get something else or we are going to try to trade it in for something more economical gas wise so Derek can have a little commuter car. The upholstery is fine and it runs fine so I am trying not to be ungrateful. Hopefully we will be able to get something like our old Corolla again because it was so gas efficient.

As for the girls - Brianna is still a sleeping champ! She sleeps up to 6 hours straight at night which has made things fairly easy for me. I am healing quickly and my energy is slowly getting back to normal. She is eating well and tomorrow we go in for her two week appointment. Hopefully she will have gained weight the way the doctor will have wanted her to. Audrey is still infatuated with her. I don't anticipate jealousy issues until Brianna is mobile and starts trying to play with Audrey's toys - I see lots of yelling by Audrey in my future. Audrey has been a little more ornery lately towards Derek and I but her schedule has been thrown into complete whack so I am sure that is why. For instance: We went to get pictures done of the girls on Saturday..... :( It did NOT go well. Audrey was an angel at home all day and took a good nap. Then we get to the picture studio in the evening and she won't cooperate for ANYTHING! It was so frustrating. By the time there was even some semblance of cooperation, Brianna needed to eat. That photographer was so patient with us. She went and did another session while I fed Brianna and Derek took Audrey for a walk. Then she came back and did Brianna's photos. We didn't get any of the girls together but it was more important to me to get newborn pictures of Brianna. We will take them back later to do both of them and hopefully things will go smoother.

Well now that I have rambled on incessantly I will leave you with a couple of new pics:
My little girl

My BIG girl.... man how time flies

Thursday, May 1, 2008

First Bath

There isn't much to report here on the home front. We are all settling in well. Brianna sleeps SO well, knock on wood, and Audrey is treating her well. Audrey is having some rebelliousness that we thought we had overcome but overall she is handling it all fairly well. Our schedule was all out of whack last week and then this week Derek got transferred to a new site and has much longer hours. So she isn't a big fan of that and lets us know by being a turd sometimes. The only new thing is that Brianna had her first bath last night, YAY!!
Here are a few pics:

She LOVES to have her hair washed, the rest of the bath she could do without. I am sure that will change because Audrey was like that and now we can't get her out of the tub!